Mission and Goals

Our mission
The Center for Science, Technology, and Society (CSTS) at Missouri S&T provides an intellectual space for scholars and students to work together on critical issues related to technical problems and controversies from a global and interdisciplinary perspective. 

CSTS supports creative intellectual collaborations among those in STEM fields, humanists, and social scientists.  We bring together diverse perspectives on issues and problems of practical importance, conceptual significance, and broad societal concern such as laws concerning biological engineering, the rhetoric and debate surrounding climate change, or the conflicts that emerge when new technologies and cultural values clash. 

By studying contemporary controversies, historical transformations, scientific and technical communication, policy issues, and ethical questions, the Center advances research in the areas in which science and society intersect, supports work that presents scientific ideas to general audiences, and establishes opportunities for faculty and students to improve their abilities to convey the significance of their work to the public.  The creation of programs and research that integrate science, technology, and social concerns increases the impact of research programs and prepares S&T students to be educators and ambassadors to the public on the vital role science and technology play in all our lives.