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2022 Student Research Symposium

S&T 2022 Student Research Symposium - Sponsored by the Center for Science, Technology, and Society
November 30, 2022
The Collaboratory, G-2 Humanities-Social Sciences

The Center for Science, Technology, and Society is accepting proposals for student research presentations or posters for a Student Research Symposium on November 30,2022.CSTS would like to showcase student research, completed or in progress, related to the interrelations of science, technology, and society.

We invite research from all disciplines—scientific, technological, philosophical, historical, rhetorical, artistic, or any combination. Of particular interest this year are topics that address the question of “technology and good living.” We hear a lot about smart living
and innovation. But how might or how has technology help/ed society to move toward the “good”?

Student Research Symposium Flyer

UNDERGRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN Science, Technology, and Society

The undergraduate certificate in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) is designed to provide students with background in the understanding of the field of science, technology, and society. Students who complete this certificate will understand more fully how integrated the perspectives of humanities and the social sciences are in shaping the technological world. Students will learn the valuable quality of knowing how their work is shaped by, and in turn shapes, social values and contexts in an increasingly interconnected world.

Minor in Science, Technology, and Humanity

This interdisciplinary minor allows students to explore the relationship between history, political science, and science and technology.   The minor is particularly useful for technologically oriented students, because it provides insight into humanities and social science disciplines.  It also shows how these disciplines interact with science and technology, thereby broadening their horizon of thought and action and preparing them for an increasingly technologically oriented future.


Cultural Bridges to Latin America

These four related courses bring perspectives from the humanities and technical fields to themes related to sustainability and environmental projects in Latin America.

Minor in Latin American Studies for Technical Applications

This interdisciplinary minor allows students to learn about the cultures and study the languages of Latin America while honing and applying the technical skills they are acquiring in the courses needed for their majors.  

Study Abroad Opportunities

Studying abroad is one of the most important ways students can learn firsthand about how science and technology affect the global community.  Several upcoming trips, including those to Estonia and Nicaragua, are focused specifically on the intersection of science and society.  Scholarships are available to help make these transformational experiences more accessible to students.