The Center for Science, Technology, and Society (CSTS) provides opportunities for humanists, scientists (social, behavioral, and natural), and engineers to collaborate on innovative research that addresses how science and technology shape, and are shaped by, our society, culture, politics, and the environment.


Our center will host two monthly meetings in HSS105 with a Zoom-in option and everyone is invited to attend.
If you are interested in attending with the Zoom option please email Debrina Weber at and she will provide you with the Link.

2023 Meeting Schedule



HSS 105,  1pm-2pm


Feb 24:  Brittany Whitley, Executive Director of the Missouri Science and Technology Policy Initiative (MOST): will join us to speak about MOST, how their group works with faculty at Missouri universities, how faculty can become a MOST legislative policy fellow


March 10: CSTS Faculty Colloquium Series, Patrick Gamez, Assistant Professor Philosophy, will initiate our faculty research colloquium series with his talk "Democracy and Desire: Telling the Truth about Ourselves."

Abstract: Democracy has long faced epistemic criticisms, and these have only been heightened by contemporary information technologies which increase the ease and reach of spreading misinformation. In this talk, I identify a different sort of epistemic worry centered on truth, rather than falsity:  the way in which the truth about ourselves is produced under neoliberalism undermines democratic autonomy. 


 April 21: CSTS Faculty Colloquium Series, Amy Belfi, Assistant Professor of Psychological Science, will discuss her NIH-funded research project, “Music as an autobiographical memory cue across the lifespan”


May 5:  Nancy Love, Borchardt and Glysson Collegiate Professor and Joann Silverstein Distinguished University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at The University of Michigan, will speak with us about her current project on Reparative Justice in the Water Industry, which is being supported through The Center for Social Solutions at The University of Michigan.