The Center for Science, Technology, and Society (CSTS) provides opportunities for humanists, scientists (social, behavioral, and natural), and engineers to collaborate on innovative research that addresses how science and technology shape, and are shaped by, our society, culture, politics, and the environment.


Our center will host a monthly Zoom meeting and everyone is invited to attend.
If you are interested in attending please email Debrina Weber at and she will provide you with the Zoom information.

2021 Meeting Schedule

Meeting times are 12:00 PM-1:00 PM (unless noted below)


Feb 26, 2021

Christine Keiner, Chair, Department of Science, Technology, and Society at the Rochester Institute of Technology [Jeff Schramm]

"The Joys and Challenges of Teaching and Researching STS at an Engineering School” Also, please see her latest book (open access) here:

Deep Cut: Science, Power, and the Unbuilt Interoceanic Canal (U. Georgia, 2020)


March 5, 2021

Working group for CSTS vision, especially vis-à-vis KI initiatives


March 8, 2021 4PM

Jenny Davis, Senior Lecturer/Tenured, School of Sociology, the Australian National University [Daniel Shank]

“Affordances and AI: An Interactive Workshop” In preparation for the workshop, please read the introduction to her latest book here:

How Artifacts Afford: The Power and Politics of Everyday Things (MIT, 2020)


April 2, 2021

Working group for CSTS vision, especially vis-à-vis KI initiatives


April 16, 2021

Karen Head, Professor, Associate Chair, School of Literature, Media and Communication; Executive Director of the Naugle Communication Center; Georgia Tech [Kris Swenson] 

“Touchscreens, Plinths, and a ‘Second Life’ in Digital Poetry”


April 30, 2021

Rebecca Slayton, Associate Professor, Department of Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University [Alanna Krolikowsky]

"What Is a Cyber Warrior? The Emergence of U.S. Military Cyber Expertise, 1967–2018


September 24,2021

NSF-funded STS conference (Kate Sheppard and Kate Drowne)

Futures of Science, Technology, and Society